Governance @ NMSAAM (.org)

The New Mexico Society for Acupuncture and Asian Medicine (NMSAAM) is a not for profit corporation (501c6) incorporated in the state of New Mexico.

Are you in the right place? This is the site for the governing documents and policies of NMSAAM, including by-laws, committee charters, board notices, and important updates regarding the overall structure of the organization. If that’s not what you are here for, perhaps the links below can help you:

The NMSAAM Board of Directors has approved the following Code of Conduct for the society.

NMSAAM Code of Conduct


Primary contact information for NMSAAM is at the main website To contact the governance committee, you can email us at Our mailing address is:

ATTN: Governance
P.O. Box 91353
Albuquerque, NM 87199


Here is a list of all the active NMSAAM Committees.